Our commitment

More than good service, we are positive influence.

Committed to the community and the environment.

We firmly believe that a good company, in addition to competing successfully and providing the best service, must have a positive influence on its internal customers: collaborators and staff (we call them family), providing recognition, security , learning, growth, cuddling and job quality. On the other hand, exercise positive influence with our external clients: invited family; facilitating, exceeding expectations and surprising them with an innovative and quality service. That is why we are continuously training ourselves in:

Validation by the IMSS of our health protocols in Covid-19.

Inclusion workshops because Being an inclusive company is not just having ramps

Hygienic handling of food.

Course of 5's.

We are striving to obtain the certifications

  • Community work and social participation, actively collaborating with foundations and civil associations.

  • Beautification of our public areas.

  • Collection of plastic caps to help children with cancer.

  • Collection of school supplies and materials to deliver to the Integration for Life Foundation A.C. (INPAVI).

  • We use biodegradable packaging so you can take our food made with the heart to your home.

  • We constantly evaluate and monitor the consumption of raw materials and resources derived from the environment: electricity, water, gas and paper, among others; to ensure responsible use.

  • We treat waste responsibly, so that the materials are used to the maximum.

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